House Barban, 322,65m2

1.950.000 €
1.750.000 €
Square size:
322,65 m2
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1.950.000 €
1.750.000 €
Square size:
322,65 m2
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1.497 m2


We are delighted that in our offer for you, we have the 1st certified passive, luxury villa with a pool in the Republic of Croatia. It is located in the picturesque Istrian town of Barban, widely known for the traditional "Ring Race"; a knight's game that takes place every year at the end of August and that attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists and visitors, enjoying the competition of brave horsemen with sharp eyesight who shoot the "middle" of the ring with their long spears.
This Villa will hit every client "in the middle" of their wishes for a truly special property. It is located at the very end of the town, surrounded by greenery, vineyards and olive groves and has a beautiful panoramic view of nature, the town and the mountain Učka.
The villa consists of ground and first floors. On the ground floor there is a large kitchen-dining room, living room, hallway and staircase, two "en suite" bedrooms, a storage room, a separate bathroom and in the outer part a covered "L" terrace and a 55 m2 swimming pool.
On the first floor there are two more "en suite" bedrooms, a gym, anteroom, sauna, staircase-hallway, separate bathroom and a covered terrace with a wonderful view. The sizes and heights of all rooms in the villa are above average.
In the following text, we try to convey to you the meaning of a passive house by means of a description of its main characteristics. If you want more detailed explanations and other information, feel free to contact us. We will also have a brochure prepared for you that we can send to you electronically.
What does passive house (villa) mean?
In short, that the facility was built according to the most demanding energy standards in the world!
The Passive House energy standard is one of the most demanding energy standards in the world, designed by the Passive House Institute from Darmstadt, which in addition to energy consumption, the Passive House standard conditions a high thermal comfort of living in combination with extremely low energy requirements.
They are characterized by exceptional thermal comfort and minimal energy consumption. Family houses, office buildings, religious institutions, hospitals, schools, homes and other buildings that meet the requirements of the Passive House Standard differ in purpose, but all provide a comfortable stay with extremely low energy requirements. Warm, airy and economical.
In Passive Houses there is no possibility of cold surfaces, moisture or stagnant air. Fresh air is supplied to all rooms or stale air is extracted, while saving energy. They are extremely quiet, from the outside to the inside, but the same goes for the heating/cooling and ventilation systems themselves, which are designed to be very quiet.

The following factors make the passive house unique:
⦁ Fresh and filtered air, everywhere and always: The ventilation system continuously blows fresh air into rooms with extended stays, while at the same time extracting moist and polluted air from bathrooms and storage rooms
⦁ Constant feeling of comfort: greater than underfloor heating, by maintaining a constant temperature of all surfaces
⦁ No thermal bridges: two-dimensional analysis of heat transfer
⦁ Air tightness: unwanted infiltration of air into the space is prevented
⦁ Silence and peace, outside and inside: achieved through the insulation and ventilation system
⦁ We heat a little, but with style: through the Samsung multisplit system with cassette air conditioning units located in the suspended ceiling
⦁ Cooling without blowing: using air conditioning units that use the innovative Samsung WindFree technology. Air release through a large number of tiny openings located on the body of the entire unit.
⦁ Always hot water: a heat pump from the renowned manufacturer Stiebel Eltron, with a capacity of 300L and using a Grundfos recirculation pump
⦁ Managing the pool from the comfort of your home, without frequent visits to the pool engine room, heating and cooling using a heat pump
⦁ Energy requirements: Energy requirements in Passive House Barban are almost negligible, which means that you will forget about worrying about the amount of utilities. Estimated annual amount of utilities, a total of only 1500 Euros!
Every Passive House can be certified. Certification involves a process where all calculations, models along with the construction of your building are checked by a person authorized by the Passive House Institute. This person is independent of the designer and the contractor, and his task is to check whether each planned part of the building is executed as planned.
Control is performed over all relevant building projects, over the model and budgets of your certified Passive House Designer (eng. Certified Passive House Designer) and over all building components that have an impact on energy consumption, comfort or hygiene.
Upon completion of construction, if it is proven that everything is satisfied, you will receive a certificate and the assurance that your building will really have the comfort and consumption that was foreseen. Your building will also be entered into the global database of all Passive Houses in the world
Dear clients, we are at your disposal for all your inquiries and possible arrangements regarding viewing dates.

Additional info

  • Parking space: Yes
  • Estacionamento: 4
  • Near Public Transportation: No
  • Garage: No
  • Water supply
  • Electricity
  • Cesspit
  • Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Sea view: No
  • North
  • West
  • Sea distance: more than 1km

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